Al Suweidi’s services are all in-house covering a wide spectrum of disciplines including:

  • Architectural Design;
  • Structural Engineering;
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering;
  • Transportation Studies (Prequalified TIS Consultant and Traffic Surveyor with Abu Dhabi Department of Transport)
  • Sustainable Design (Estidama Pearl Rating System and LEED)
  • Design Management, Permitting, and Tendering.
  • Construction Supervision and Management.
  • Land Survey and Reclamation;
  • Infrastructure Design and construction supervision
  • Infrastructure Maintenance Projects

Professional Licenses

Professional licenses in the United Arab Emirates and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia include :

  • Abu Dhabi, UAE – Department of Municipal Affairs: Consultant classification certificate for 14 specialties including highest classification for Architecture and Engineering design and supervision consultancy services.
  • Al Ain, UAE - Department of Municipal Affairs: Certified for Architecture, Civil Engineering and Land Surveying consultancy services.
  • Dubai, UAE – Department of Economic Development: Architectural design and construction engineering services.
  • Jeddah, KSA – Architectural and Civil engineering consultancy services

Local Consultancy

Al Suweidi partnered with several international consultants on large-scale projects integrating specialized world-class capabilities with the advantages of rich local know-how and experienced resources. Cooperation included architecture and engineering design consultancy, Tcontract administration, tendering, permitting, and construction supervision. Teams on both sides were able to communicate efficiently bringing together the best possible solutions within project constraints. This type of cooperation proved to be crucial for the fast developing building industry in the region.


  • Musanada
  • Emal
  • educational Council
  • Etisalat
  • Family Development Foundation
  • Bin Omeir Holding Group
  • Emirates National Investment
  • Dnoc
  • United Alsaqer Group
  • Albarakah
  • Ittihad
  • Tamouh
  • Al Futtaim
  • Alhabtoor
  • Advanced Intigrated